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Planning a trip to a new and exotic destination is always a process, and part of that process is often asking yourself a lot of questions. 
Questions – and answers – that should help lead to the one final question: Is this trip the right one for me?
We have tried to make it easier by collecting some of the most frequently asked questions about Camp Karku.
From late December and into April, until the weather starts to get a bit rough.
We have large sea trout in the river during the entire season but the main run of big fish is from late December and throughout January, when they will all be fresh. 
In February the larger fish will be a mix of colored and fresh fish and in March, the larger fish will be mostly colored – but still with the odd chance of a big fresh fish. From March and well into April, we also get a strong run of fresh fish, typically from 5-12 lbs, mixing up the fishing with the bigger colored fish already in the river.

You will get picked up and dropped off by our staff. It’s a 45-minute drive between the airport and the estancia.

Not really. You should cast fairly well and have fly fishing experience to get the best outcome of the trip.

You fly to Buenos Aires, overnight and fly domestic to Rio Gallegos (RGL) the following day. It’s also advisable with an overnight in Buenos Aires going back. 

Yes, they sell beer and wine at very reasonable prices. You are also welcome to bring your own liquor of choice.

You can walk to the river from the estancia in about 25 minutes. By 4×4 truck, it’s from 10 to 40 minutes driving to the beats.

In case of lost luggage or broken rods, they can help you out but you should bring your own. They sell flies at the estancia so you don’t need to bring your own.

There is no cell phone connection, but there is Wi-Fi at the estancia.

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For any questions that are left unanswered on these pages, get in touch – we’re here to help you decide whether this trip is for you.